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Numerous Health Benefits for Physically Active Seniors!

According to Dr. Kevin O’Neil, the Medical Director for Brookdale Senior Living, physical movement and exercise is the cheapest and easiest way to improve health and assist in leading to a longer life in elders. Dr. O’Neil has taught and practiced geriatric medicine for over 27 years and he feel that there are numerous medical benefits […]

Research Reflects Importance of Social Interaction

Recent research shows that seniors who are socially engaged are more likely to lead healthier lives and live longer when compared to seniors that feel isolated or ones that lack companionship. The study conducted has been one of the largest ever to focus and emphasize loneliness as a separate condition than general depression. Researchers from […]

8 Important Program ideas for Alzheimer’s and dementia

It’s important to offer a wide variety of activities for individuals with Alzheimer’s, and/or dementia and finding ways to incorporate them into activity programs can be difficult. Check out these suggestions and program ideas to make sure you are creating beneficial programs for the Alzheimer and dementia residents in your community. 1.     Arts & Crafts Donatella Versace couldn’t have said […]

5 Group Programs to promote Cognitive Stimulation at all levels of cognitive function

Structured group activities designed to stimulate cognition has shown to be effective in improving the mental functions of people with mild to moderate dementia, according to a new study was published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. (Click here to read the full study).  Cognitive Stimulation provides activities for people with dementia to stimulate thinking, memory and […]

Reap the Benefits of Playing, at Any Age!

Relationships between younger people and the elderly have proven to be beneficial in young people’s lives by assisting them in shaping their values, motivating their goals, influencing their life choices, and helping promote a sense of identity and roots. But are the youngsters impacting the elderly as well? They sure have the ability too. How […]

5 Tips to Enhance Activity Programming Variety

One of the biggest challenges to face while working in senior retirement communities is ensuring that the majority of all social, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of each individual resident is being met. The daunting task of meeting all these needs is considered even more complicated when taking into consideration the multiple diverse factors of each individual, such […]