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Born with music inside me

Legendary R&B icon Ray Charles claimed that he was “born with music inside me”. The famous neurologist Oliver Sacks actually believes in this and wrote a book on the topic: Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. This book examines the extreme effects of music on the human brain and how lives can be utterly […]

Depression, seniors and the internet

The internet as we know it has been around since 1994. Yet 15 years later, while 79% of the general population reports using the Internet, only 42% of those 65 and older indicate use. Why, should the senior care industry and the technology industry care about this?It is now widely known that Internet use has […]

How about the family??

Placing a family member in a nursing home is painful and difficult, yet necessary when the medical and physical demands make other options unacceptable. It is often said that the community environment and procedures are overwhelming and that the family must learn the new set of rules. Recently, communities have started understanding that it also […]

Bringing the loners out

We were demonstrating our product to residents of a nearby facility last week and they were very excited; but one of them just sat in her corner and didn’t seem to care much about what was going on.After asking her what she thought about all this, she simply replied: “I am 94 years old, I […]

Exposing Brain Fitness Misconceptions

As people age, their physical and mental states tend to show loss of performance. Physical function declines are usually easier to diagnose and treat; when it comes to the brain, it is a very different problem. Cognitive impairment is something that a lot of people claim to have the solution for although it is a […]

Marketing & Activities of a senior community

While our economy is slowly recovering, prospective residents of senior communities are still taking more time to move in and competition is on the rise. Waiting lists have disappeared in most places and everyone is doing their best to market their facilities with reduced budgets and more demanding management. On top of this, nearby competitors […]