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Health Benefits in Internet usage for Older Adults

A study conducted in April, 2012 shows that within recent years American adults ages 65 and older have become more computer savvy through internet usage and email. With the past years showing little usage growth in this age group, this current 53% usage rate is significant. With the increase of internet usage, many positive health […]

5 ideas to increase participation of dementia residents

Residents in retirement communities who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia are at higher risk for being under stimulated due to their inability to initiate leisure activities or to sustain them once they are started. This is why it is so important for the programming staff to offer opportunities to keep their residents engaged. Often the […]

5 Ways for Activities to beat the heat!

With the summer and its nice weather also comes heat and its risks. Blue skies and sunshine are true invitations to spend time outside, but we do need to pay attention to heat related problems. Here are a few tips on how to deal with heat and still enjoy the summer to the maximum: The […]

Tips to keep your Activity Programs Thriving!!

Activity Professionals, along with the Administrators, Marketers, Admission coordinators and Business Office Managers often label their success based on numbers. Though the purpose behind though numbers may vary from department to department, they are by no means less important. Numbers can help keep track of progress and show where the weaknesses are in each department […]

5 Program Ideas to promote Spiritual Wellness within your community!

Research shows that more than 90% of elderly in the U.S. consider themselves to be religious and approximately 5% consider themselves to be spiritual. Within these studies it was said that 96% of the elderly believe in God or a universal spirit, greater than 90% actively pray, and greater than 50% attend religious services weekly […]

5 Secrets to help Expand your Activity Budget

Use paid Entertainers as Marketing Events Whether you invite family members of the residents, adults from local churches or AARP committee’s, get the word out about your community. When planning a pricey Entertainer, share the cost with your marketing department and assist the program in reaching beyond the walls of your community. Doing so will give you […]