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4 Ways to Assist with Wandering Residents

It is known by many that when working in Long Term Care communities there are many occasions where residents tend to begin to wander. Many of these residents may have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, or they may even experience confusion caused by the side effects of “sundowners” with the changing from day to […]

Three tips to reduce antipsychotics use by promoting patient centered care

Government audits on the usage of antipsychotics were conducted throughout nursing homes nationwide in 2011. Their findings show that nearly one in seven residents who showed some form of dementia were given antipsychotic drugs, although they were never actually diagnosed with psychosis. Daniel R. Levinson, inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services said that the […]

5 Important Notes on Intergenerational Programs

In society a natural gap in understanding can be seen between generations. This gap can be seen among parents and children, children and adults, and even grandparents and children. Finding connections between these generations is something that will reap benefits in all generations. Accomplishing the breakdown of barriers that naturally cause age segregation can be […]

Challenging residents, 5 tips to keep them engaged.

The responsibilities and requirements of an Activity or Programming Professional go far beyond planning monthly calendars, setting up party decorations, and calling Bingo. It also requires engaging all residents and encouraging them in building positive surroundings. This can be difficult for some segments of a population. Here are 5 frequently observed types of challenging residents […]

5 Tips on Providing Better One on One Room Visits

With decorations to be hung, residents to be transported and calendars to be planned, finding time to expand the variety in your one on one room visits can be limited. Residents who prefer to stay in their rooms should have just as much variety and range of options as the more active residents within your […]

Study shows increase lifespan through social, mental and physical activity engagement

Research titled “Lifestyle, social factors, and survival after age 75:population based study”  published in August 2012 by BMJ Group found that seniors who were more active mentally, physically and socially were more likely to live past the age of 90. Research shows that seniors that were more active lived 5.4 years longer, on average, than […]