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What is your 2021 Resident Engagement Resolution?

2021 will be the year of resident engagement and to champion this effort, the #ActivitiesStrong initiative, led by Linked Senior, has launched the 2021 Resident Engagement SWOT challenge!

The 2021 Senior Living Resident Engagement Blueprint

Providers must invest in better staffing, accessible tools and optimizing data, so that our industry can efficiently deliver more individualized experiences and build a stronger community that offers meaningful social engagement to every resident. This type of investment has a positive and direct impact on quality of life, clinical and financial outcomes.

It’s Time to be #HolidayStrong!

Let’s agree that this year we will be Holiday Strong! We have plenty of time to plan for a holiday season that is filled with hope and encouragement.

Measuring Resident Engagement with the Resident Engagement Index Score (REIS) Assessment Tool

Now is the time to seize on this opportunity to rebuild our field! Use the REIS assessment to assess your community and better acknowledge, educate and empower each of your activity and life enrichment professionals.


The global pandemic has offered the field of resident engagement an opportunity to start fresh when it comes to activities in senior living communities. Now is the time to acknowledge what the 3 Bs represent and remember that the key to meaningful engagement is making the time to get to know each resident.

Meaningful Engagement Requires Staff to Practice Self-Care

Now is the time to acknowledge, educate and empower activity and life enrichment professionals so they can care for themselves and in turn meaningfully engage residents so that they can live with purpose each day.