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Three stages of dementia – Tips for successful stage appropriate activities

A recent study with older adults supports common sense by suggesting that engaging in leisure activities may have a protective role against cognitive decline, and that different types of activity may affect distinct cognitive functions. But what can one do when cognitive decline has started with an individual? How do you engage seniors and residents […]

7 Steps to Cover Activity Calendar Basics

With January quickly coming to a close, many Nursing communities are preparing for their annual state survey. To make sure your Activity Programs are covering the needs of your residents, review these basic programs to consider when creating your monthly calendar. Find brief descriptions of why these programs are important to your residents, along with […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Activity Directors!

Many people do their best to make New Year’s resolutions that will help improve their life. Well why not take a step further and make resolutions for your job that will help improve your resident’s lives as well? The concept of making New Year’s resolutions for your activity department will not only help tackle little […]

Three tips on building Physical and Social activities as non-pharmacological interventions for dementia.

Last month, we provided three tips to reduce the use of antipsychotics by promoting more Patient centered care. To elaborate more on this series of cutting back the unnecessary usage of the drugs, we are going to discuss more on patient centered care and the positive impact activity programs can have in becoming alternatives in […]

Three tips to reduce antipsychotics use by promoting patient centered care

Government audits on the usage of antipsychotics were conducted throughout nursing homes nationwide in 2011. Their findings show that nearly one in seven residents who showed some form of dementia were given antipsychotic drugs, although they were never actually diagnosed with psychosis. Daniel R. Levinson, inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services said that the […]

8 Important Program ideas for Alzheimer’s and dementia

It’s important to offer a wide variety of activities for individuals with Alzheimer’s, and/or dementia and finding ways to incorporate them into activity programs can be difficult. Check out these suggestions and program ideas to make sure you are creating beneficial programs for the Alzheimer and dementia residents in your community. 1.     Arts & Crafts Donatella Versace couldn’t have said […]