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Recent Studies Suggest Weaning off Antipsychotics for Seniors with Dementia

Often times individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia are prescribed antipsychotics to assist in treating behavioral and psychological symptoms, but are the medications prescribed more beneficial than not? Earlier studies conducted have made connections between antipsychotics and increased risk of stroke however; most recent discoveries have been made that show seniors that […]

Three pillars of dementia programming with social engagement

Today’s senior housing market is much different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. The acuity of nursing home residents has increased significantly. Some kind of dementia is expected in 60% or more of residents.  At the same time, assisted living is also seeing dramatic increases and many experts agree that providing good care […]

Three stages of dementia – Tips for successful stage appropriate activities

A recent study with older adults supports common sense by suggesting that engaging in leisure activities may have a protective role against cognitive decline, and that different types of activity may affect distinct cognitive functions. But what can one do when cognitive decline has started with an individual? How do you engage seniors and residents […]

7 Food Centered Programs, With a Purpose to Enhance Memory!

Sometimes it can be hard coming up with new and creative cooking group and social programs, especially in a setting or community where there are varying levels of cognitive function between residents. May we suggest trying to take a new healthier approach when planning these programs? Studies show that older adults who regularly eat brightly-colored […]

Three tips on building Physical and Social activities as non-pharmacological interventions for dementia.

Last month, we provided three tips to reduce the use of antipsychotics by promoting more Patient centered care. To elaborate more on this series of cutting back the unnecessary usage of the drugs, we are going to discuss more on patient centered care and the positive impact activity programs can have in becoming alternatives in […]

6 Health Benefits of having Hobbies & Leisure Activities

Having hobbies and leisure activities are truly important to the Elderly. Not only are hobbies fun, but they can refresh the mind and body; assist one in staying healthy, active and happy. It is a proven fact that spending time doing the things that we enjoy can help delay signs of aging and the pleasure […]