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Keep Dancing!!

Want to avoid your risk of dementia holistically? Besides controlling your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars and decreasing your intake of inflammatory foods, what else can you do? Start dancing! Dancing has been shown to have numerous health benefits in various studies. The most obvious are increased socialization and improved physical functioning. Two recent […]

Four dimensions of planning activities for residents with dementia

Activities represent a key aspect of quality of life. Throughout our life, we pick things that relax us, bring us pleasure, stimulate our curiosity or expand our knowledge. We all select activities based on our interests and abilities.People suffering from dementia have the right to recreational activities. This is as much a moral obligation as […]

How you can help Japan’s older adults – 2

Previous post is completed with this article from CNN Richard Blewitt, CEO of HelpAge International, a global non-profit that helps disadvantaged older people, said Japan’s large older population could be among the hardest hit by the disaster. Many older people have found it hard to cope because of vulnerabilities like mobility, he said. “The sad […]

How you can help Japan’s older adults

Here is a great post from the Future of Aging blog Last week’s devastating earthquake in Japan was especially tragic for the country’s older adults. Japan is widely known as one of the world’s oldest countries. However, as seen on this ILC Profile of Older Japanese, Japan’s older population is not evenly distributed across the […]

4 simple tips to include powerful brain fitness in your programming

Managing a wellness and life enrichment strategy for your community should always include a strong and multi-level brain fitness component. But how do you make sure all residents benefit from your brain fitness programming? Here are four easy tips to increase efficiency of your activities: Be ready to inform: Residents and seniors in general are […]

Museums making arts accessible to people with dementia

Due to the number of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) decided to develop programming for this particular audience, thereby further enhancing MoMA’s programming for older adults.These programs give those living with the degenerative disease an expressive outlet and forum for dialogue. Specially trained Museum educators engage participants in the […]